Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

So Friday we went to Baby Bounce at North Park with our fabulous Gym Mommies Group. Brendan took an extra long nap that morning so we had to miss out on the lunch portion of it. I wish Baby Bounce would learn how to turn on the A/C, it is so hot in there!! I forgot to set out meat, so Q picked up dinner on the way home from work. After B went to sleep we caught up on our shows and then went to bed.

Saturday we ran errands together as a family. Kind of hard when Q doesn't know my usually routine and I have to keep say, "come on, keep up!" lol. So the errands took a little longer than they usually would and B let us know that he was sick of shopping the last 10 minutes of it. But the last 10 minutes were for him! We got him a new big boy convertible car seat. He was looking a bit squinched in his carrier and his feet were touching the back of the car seat so it was time. We took B to Gymboree he got a little fussy towards the end. I think because there were only 2 other babies there. He didn't have the entertainment of his friends. Since we got his new car seat, there is no more letting him fall asleep in the car and keeping him in the carrier for dinner :( so, we had to play the odds on his temperment for our usually trip to Mi Cocina on Saturday. He started off okay and did good while we were eating playing in his Bumbo while we ate with some table toys. I don't think Q and I have ever eaten so fast. As soon as I finished I picked him up and he was so ready to go. So we had to skip the flan and hit the road. A little stressful, but all in all a successful dinner. After B went to bed we played some Mario Wii and went to bed.

Sunday we work up and I made B's breakfast as usual and he didn't want to eat. I thought it was because I put a little too much cinnamon in his breakfast so I just tried giving him some plan pears. Didn't want that either. So took him out and tried to give him a ounce was all he took!! It was time to leave for church and I was super nervous because this was going to be B's first time in the church nursery. We go and bring him in and he goes straight to one of the ladies in there (which totally surprised me) and then when we were leaving him I went to give him a kiss and he turned his head away into her arm and wouldn't let me kiss him. I was so heartbroken!! Started tearing up, but I guess it's best that he be happy than throw a fit. It was just hard. After service we went to get him and they said he did great. Oh and he nicely taught two others to shriek...that's my boy!! After church we went to my parents for lunch where he didn't want to eat his lunch at all and barely took his bottle. I was getting very frustrated and concerned. At dinner he finally got his appetite back and ate 4 ounces of food and then took a 8 ounce bottle of rice cereal. That's our weekend.