Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seperation Issues

So Quinton decided to join a softball league. The first game is tonight. At first when he told me the games are Thursdays at 7,8 and 9. I was thinking it would be best for the 7 o'clock games. But today the game is a 9 and it actually couldn't have worked out better. He was here for dinner and to play with Brendan and help get him in the bath and put him down for the night. Now I curse the 7 and 8 o'clock games when they come.

I envy that he can get out. Not that I can't I know if I wanted to go somewhere Q would definitely not care at all, but I hate leaving Brendan. It's like I want to get away for a few hours, but then when I am away I'm rushing through everything to hurry up and get back to him. I don't know why. He's not going anywhere and will be here for the rest of my life so what's the deal? I need to shake it. I'm going to try this Saturday and run errands, maybe get a massage and let Q take Brendan to Gymboree alone and just have a day to myself. Sounds so nice in theory. But when I'm alone I miss them both so much. AHHH, stop the madness!! I'm such a baby!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Day Without Dad

Well, after a long eventful day I put one tired little boy down around 8:20 and mom got herself a nice large glass of wine. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be (knock on wood we still have the night to get through). We went and met two other mommies and their sons at the Arboretum this morning and it was such a glorious day. At first I thought it was going to be a little too chilly, but it turned out great. The only problem was that it was WAY CROWDED! We forgot about spring break. I got lucky and was able to actually park at the arboretum, but poor Carey and Cheryl had to park at White Rock Lake and walk. Craziness. So Brendan and I spent 30 minutes on our own for a while and he is so funny with flowers. He looks all wide eyed and reaches oh so delicately to touch and then squish, pull, and yank as many petals off as he can get in his hand! It was so funny. I wish I could have taken pictures of that. I'm definitely going to have to bring Q so we can take some good pics. We walked around, checked out the petting zoo, but we didn't go in, just looked at them. Then we put our blankets down fed them and let them play. It was so nice!

Later we went over the Mimi and Pappaw's where Brendan was in such a good mood talking up a storm. The hour getting to bath time seem to last an eternity! But, when it did he was so good and didn't scream after getting out while I put lotion and dressed him (something he always does for dad!! hee hee). He had his bottle and then was out. Hopefully he sleeps a really long time after the busy day he had. He's been getting up 2-3 times a night here lately so I'm hoping he's easy on poor ole mom tonight. If not, I'm going to be a little zombie I think!! Cross your fingers for us!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Bananas are by far Brendan's favorite food. He ate two tablespoons! I also tried giving him some oatmeal this morning. He wasn't too keen on it. So now that I know how much he likes nanners I'm going to try and put some in his oatmeal in the morning to see if he will eat it that way. YUMMY!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Damn it there is already a kink in our family filled weekend. Friday is Brighton's birthday, but she lives in Austin now. Quinton had called her last week to see if she was going to come in town so we could figure out if we needed to plan anything. She didn't have any plans on coming in, but said she'd let us know. Well, today Randall was all "Brighton's coming in town for her birthday and I want to throw a party of something. I want to go to Dave and Busters around 7 on Friday". Seriously?! First of all, it's Wednesday and you are wanting us to get a babysitter in two days notice? Which would be my parents, but still. Plus, I had turned down movie plans with my sister because we were doing family stuff since Q was going out of town. GRRR. I know my parents would babysit, but I don't want to go at all. So Q will go and me and B will do a trial run of dad being out of town I suppose. So annoyed!! Especially because Randall and Quinton work right next to Dave and Busters, walking distance and he wants to do it a 7?!? Why not do it early like 5:30 or 6 that away Quinton doesn't have to drive all the way home to drive all the way right back to where he was. I know it's not his birthday or anything, but if you want people to drop whatever they are doing to be there you would compromise, right? Brighton and Austin don't have anything to do and can be there whenever. I know I sound anal or something, but I'm a planner and need things put down and planned ahead or time. At least a week or so, not two days! SO ANNOYED!!!

Flying Solo for the First Time

So Quinton is going to San Diego on Monday and this will be my first time "flying solo" a full 24 hours with Brendan. I'm so lucky that on my first go round it's only for two days, one night. His flight leaves Monday around 9:30 A.M. so Brendan will get to say goodbye to dad, but then after that he won't see him until Wednesday. Q doesn't land until late Tuesday so Brendan should be fast asleep in dream land by the time he gets home. So nervous. I know that's not a long amount of time, but it's just so stressful thinking there will be no one to give me a little break if I need it. It's just me and B (well, and Hank and Cleo too). So we are making a family weekend of it. Just us three, I hope the weather stays nice. I know Brendan is going to miss his daddy. Q can make him giggle so loud! I think by the end of the day Brendan must grow a little tired of me. lol Keep us in your thoughts Monday-late Tuesday!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Taters vs Butternut Squash

So we started off with sweet potatoes for Brendan's first tasty solid (not counting rice cereal as tasty). He was a little unsure of the texture, but sort of got the hang of it by Saturday. On Saturdays is when we introduce something new and this Saturday it was butternut squash. He loved it!! I was so surprised. I thought for sure he would like sweet taters more, but he gobbled up the butternut squash. Yesterday he at everything that was in his bowl. Granted I'm only giving him a little over a tablespoon, but they say at first they won't eat more than a teaspoon and he's finishing a tablespoon! Such a big boy!! This Saturday, bananas! I really hope he likes them. If so I will start adding them to his rice cereal. He doesn't care to eat rice cereal out of a bowl. He like it much more in his bottle than anything else. Hoping if he likes bananas I can mash them in there and he'd like that more at breakfast time. I'll let you know what he thinks ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Starting Solids

So at our 4 month check up our wonderful pediatrician Dr. Kim (her name is Kim Smith and we call her Dr. Kim) told us we could start introducing solids now. Of course we've been on rice cereal at night for a while now, but anywho. So I quickly got excited and ran out and bought the Babycook Beaba so I could make Brendan's food. I figure if I cook for me and Q and I can cook for my baby. We decided to start with sweet potatoes. B is a little unsure of this new texture in his mouth, but each day he keeps getting better and better. It was now at all how I thought it would be. I thought he would automatically love it and gobble the whole thing up. Nope, not him. So was a little disappointed, but apparently they are only supposed to eat a teaspoon, so I'm sure the ate that much.
They say to keep with somethine 4-7 days to test for allergies. So far so good. So on Saturday we will be trying (drum roll please...) butternut squash. I'm really wanting to do bananas, but they say to always start with veggies so they don't get used to the sweet stuff. So we are moving to the butternut squash and then next week will be bananas. I'm so looking forward to this next stage of his life. I'm kind of nervous now on knowing if he's eating enough, but I'm sure he'll let me know. As you can see, and if you've held him know, eating has never been a problem for us ;).
So wish us luck on our new food venture!

About me

I'm 29 years old. Can't believe that I will be turning 30 this year. Everyone talks about wanting a big bash for their 30th, I think I'd much rather be laying on a beach somewhere or taking in a spa day at a nice resort and a nice dinner. To bad my birthday is in November and it's cold everywhere in the states except for Hawaii, and I don't think we can afford that nor do we want to take Brendan so young.

I'm a very sensitive person. I get my feelings hurt very easily and take things too personal. I'm very stubborn and do not forgive people very easily. I'm a very "half glass empty" type of person. I just don't like to get my hopes up and then be devestated. On a positive side, I'm very outgoing now that I'm older and would do anything for my family and friends. I may not call a lot, but I love my friends more than ever, I just don't care to talk on the phone. Technology is great: email, facebook and now this blog.

Before I became a stay-at-home mom I worked for a state representative as a legislative aide. I got to travel down to Austin during sessions which was very interesting. I got pregnant at a perfect time because I was pretty burnt out. Before I got pregnant I was trying to get into a teaching certification program. There were many hoops I had to jump through. I was passing everything with flying colors, but then on my fifth and final hoop I failed my content test by 7 points. 7 points!! I had done everything else perfectly and this they wouldn't let me in. I was devestated. I often wonder about trying again, but I just don't want to set myself up for failure again because that was so terrible and humiliating for me. Maybe one day I'll try again. I hate that I think that way. We have this one life and should be living it to the fullest, yet I'll let failure hold me back or the fear of failure hold me back. I love the quote from the late Randy Pausch who said "Experience is what we get when we don't get want we want, and sometimes, experience is the best thing". Wish I could be so positive. If you haven't read "The Last Lecture" I strongly suggest you do.

I'm loving being a stay-at-home mom. My life now is a calendar of activities for Brendan. Seriously, I bought a big dry-erase calendar to put on the fridge that is pretty much to keep up with all of Brendan's activities, and he's only 4 months!! I hope I turn out to be the best mom in his eyes. As some of my friends know, there are parts of my family that is very soap opera-ish (you know who/what I'm talking about). I don't want that for my son. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful parents and I only hope I can be half the parent they were to me.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello out there!

I've decided to take the plunge and start a blog. Mostly because I get a lot on my mind and this will be a great little reliever for me (and my husband). I'm a happily married mother of one. I married my high school sweetheart and we've been married now 4 years. We had our first child together on October 21, 2009. An adorable little boy that we named Brendan Xavier. He is the light of my life. My social calendar went from dinners, lunches movies with friends to playdates and Gymboree. I love it though. I am a stay at home mom now. At first I didn't know if I would be able to handle it. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but guess I didn't really realize how hard it all was. But now I've gotten it down (as well as a 4 month will let you get a routine) and am lovin life. Will keep this first post short for now and will venture some more into my world later.