Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Always be best friends with your partner

Lowell & Lorraine Barber

Married: October 23, 1945

Two Buttes, Colorado

Lowell and Lorraine have a knack for keeping friendships in the family. "Two of my good friends married two of his brothers," Lorraine says proudly. Lowell raises exotic chickens, while Lorraine likes to cook- but not his chickens! "That's not allowed," she laughs.


What is a best friend?

Someone to be there? Acquaintances, even close friends and family members, will walk with you awhile along life's road and then depart, but Proverbs 18:24 says, "A real friend sticks closer than a brother" (NLT). In your spouse, God has blessed you with a friend for life, a traveling companion who will share both panoramic vistas and difficult terrain- and one day celebrate with you the journey's end.

Someone to offer a hand? Ecclesiastes 4:10 says, "If one person falls, the other can reach out and help" (NLT). Your truest friend is the one who offers assistance when you've stumbled into the roadside ditch. A loving spouse will pull you up, affirm your worth, and encourage you to strive ahead.

Someone to talk to? "The pleasantness of one's friend springs from his earnest counsel" (Proverbs 27:9). Your best friend is the one you want to be with most, the one you choose to talk to first whether the road is smooth or rough, the one with whom you want to share your thoughts and feelings, the one whose opinion and advice you seek.

A best friend is all these. But mostly, according to Proverbs 17:17, it is someone who cares deeply: "A friend loves at all times" (NIV). May your best friend always be your spouse.

This is my lover, this is my friend.

Song of Songs 5:16

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Baby is TWO

Crazy how time flies. My sweet B turned TWO on Friday. Q took the day off, like he did last year, to spend B's birthday together as a family all day. We got to sing happy birthday to him the second he work up, which he just lit up at! After he got a new diaper, we went to the living room for him to find his new toys. He got a new two seater wagon and some power tools! He loves them all! He always gets wagon envy at other people's wagon and is not shy about hopping in a strangers wagon so we decided it was time for him to get one. After breakfast we got dressed and headed to the zoo to break in his new wagon. We had such a good time. We rode the monorail for the first time and it was super cool. Had no idea there were special animals only viewable from the monorail. If you haven't tried it you should. After the monorail we headed to the restaurant that has one wall which is just a giant looking glass into the lion's lair. It was neat eating next to sleeping lions. After lunch we headed over to the Children's area. Of course, B got all wet in the little stream. We wanted to take him in the bird exhibit, because it's always been one of his favorite parts, but it was closed until 1 and we knew we needed to be on the road by one so B could nap. And boy did he nap! He took almost a 3 hour nap, the zoo just wore him out! After nap we played around the house and then got ready for Mi Cocina. He played outside, got his queso fix and was sung to with birthday flan. Afterwards we went down to the Nestle Toll House Store to pickup his cookie cake and get the birthday boy a M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie. It was a great day.

The next morning was his birthday party at Pump It Up, Jr. He had a blast. The turn out wasn't as big as it was supposed to be, but it probably worked out for the best to not have an overwhelming amount of kiddos running around. We had a cookie cake this year since B doesn't care for cake, but loves cookies, we decided to go with that. After the party we went to lunch with Pop Pop (Randall) and Brighton and Chad (Austin did not show up this year, nor call or next or grrr, anyways). Then we got to come home and open a few gifts before nap. I don't know who was more excited about all the new toys, B or daddy!

Can't believe my baby is two! I love him to pieces. So thankful for all that came out to celebrate with us. Had to think that potty training will be in our future soon, ahh! He's becoming a little independent boy. I was watching him yesterday and just can't believe how much he's grown and perfect he is! LOVE MY SWEET B!

Everyone has problems- just stay together and work them out!

John & Clarice Gillespie

Married: March 5, 1945

Phoenix, Arizona

Since John was in the army when he and Clarice met, Clarice had to work. When John got out, she continued working to put him through school. "Our long marriage is just good economics," quips Clarice. "I had to stick around to get my money's worth!"


God wants to ensure a couple is not alone in their marriage- He wants to be an integral part of their union. He is always present, always available, always ready to help the pair through any difficulty if they will follow His commands.

Inevitable, trouble comes. Often a disagreement will break out, tempers will flare, and soon an impenetrable wall has risen between you. Communication has broken down, leading to isolation, frustration and dispair.

At times like these it's a blessing to know that you have access to a God who is all-wise, all-powerful, and always willing to listen. When you can't talk to your spouse, talk to the Lord. Ask Him to help resolve the situation.

God has unlimited perspective; He can see over the wall. He perceives with utter clarity and can lay bare the root of the problem. Sometimes it is a simple misunderstanding. Sometimes God will provide one of you with insight into the other's deeply felt but unexpressed needs. In any case, God will reveal to each of you your share of the blame and prompt you to humbly seek forgiveness, leading to reconciliation and unity. Then you can rejoice, saying, "He tore down the wall" (Ephesians 2:14 MSG)

Make God a partner in our marriage today, and He will make your marriage stron for all your tomorrows.

I look up to the mountains- does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord, who made the heavens and the earth!

Psalm 121:1-2 NLT

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't Expect to have everything right at the start.

M.L. "Dutch" & Lula Mae Noah

Married: March 27, 1946

Centerton, Arkansas

Dutch and Lula Mae believe a good marriage grows over time. "Dutch was a milk-hauler for forty-one years," says Lula Mae. "We didn't have much at first, but we had each other." Dutch adds, "Marriage, children, grandchildren- what more could a man want from life?"


A young couple gets married and immediately begins to accumulate large amounts of debt trying to establish and maintain the lifestyle of their parents, without considering that their folks have worked hard for years to ear their possessions. The couple sails along smoothly for a few years, but then an unexpected event thrusts them into financial difficulty, which causes much stress and threatens to destroy their marriage.

The Bible urges, "Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you'" (Hebrews 13:5). What a promise! And what more reason for contentment is needed than to be married to one's beloved and to know that the God of the universe is ever present, watching over, guiding, providing, protecting?

Paul claimed to have learned the secrets of contentment. Whatever else this secret may entail, surely it involves a constant awareness of God's goodness and His presence. Such awareness can be fostered by daily Bible reading, spending time talking and listening to God, and spending regular time with people who know God well. Try it. You will be rewarded with more than contentment; you will have God's friendship too!

Godliness with contentment is a great gain.

1 Timothy 6:6

Monday, October 17, 2011

Do Everything Together

Robert & Bette Barto

Married: July 18, 1946

Chicago, Illinois

Robert and Bette are seldom apart and remain very active socially. They're also proud that for more than fifty years, they've spend every Christmas Eve with their sons.


Families today are pulled apart in so many ways. Busyness keeps everyone on the run, with little time to share a meal or a meaningful conversation. Televisions, computers, video games, and CD players isolate family members within the home; and work, school, sports, and a myraid of entertainment options separate them without.

A husband and wife must intentionally make time to spend together as a couple, and time for everyone to interact as a family. This doesn't preclude the above activities; doing together is more rewarding than just being together! The secret is to resist the pull toward disconnection.

If one family member is involved in a sport, have everyone else attend the games regularly to shout encouragement. Hide the headphones of the CD player and turn on the speakers; take turns playing DJ, and have a dance contest! Host a video game tournament including everyone's favorite games, with a handicap system so anyone can win. If it's just the two of you, try finding a hobby, volunteer activity, or church ministry in which both of you can become involved.

Play about this. It may take some creativity and effort in today's individualistic culture, but with God's help you can keep your marriage and family intact. After all, His promise in Psalm 128 includes the blessing of togetherness.

Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; Your sons will be like olive shoots around your table. Thus is the man blessed who fears the Lord.

PSALM 128:3-4

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fantastic weekend. After being gone four days, Q was able to take Friday off and hang with me and B. We first had to make a short stop at his office on Friday to pick up the SMU tickets he forgot to get the following Friday before he went out of town. Which was okay because B got to see and hang with his Pop Pop for a little bit. After we left there we headed to Grapevine Mills Mall to take B to LegoLand. It was a really neat place. The only down side is the COST! B was free, but it was close to $40 for me and Q to get in. So ridiculous. We got to ride a cool ride as a family and then later Q took B on the other one. There was only one area B wasn't allowed in. His favorite spot, surprisenly was the MiniWorld. It was displays of Legos that looked like things around the DFW Metroplex. You could press buttons every now and then and make something move, but other than that it was just to look at. It had day and night time lights. It was just really neat. Brendan's favorite display was the DFW Airport display, which he's just now showing an interest in planes. It was cute. After LegoLand we got some quick lunch and then off to home for nap. We later took B to Mi Cocina to get his queso and tortilla fix.

Saturday we ran some errands. We actually went to Toys R Us so we could get B's birthday gifts, figured the boys would play as mama shopped. But, my child is weird and other than playing in the big cars and wagons, he just wanted to play with the automatic door. I don't know, he's weird. After we that we went home to eat lunch and try to get B down for an early nap since the SMU game started at 2:30. Of course he fought nap. His teachers at school can get him down, in fact say he's usually the first one to fall asleep, around 11:45, but we couldn't even get him down around 12:30! Stinker. So we didn't end up leaving the house until around 2:30 and got to the game just after 3. There were some older girls there with their aunt and they loved him and he loved them. They played and kept him occupied almost the entire time. We actually got to stay until the end of the game! After the game was over we picked up a pizza and then watched the Ranger game.

Sunday we went to church and his usual teacher was out so he got to spend time back in the nursery with Miss Penny and Miss Stephanie, who he absolutely loves! He misses them so much. Afterwards we went to my parents for lunch and then back home and played with our neighbors.

Just an overall perfect weekend. I also got some really good news. Something I've been waiting a long time for and while I wished it had happened sooner, I just have to be thankful my prayers have been answered now and everything happens for a reason. Hoping great things coming out of this real soon. We'll see. Until next time......

Friday, October 14, 2011

Love always takes maintenance- kindness is a big part of that!

Merle & Evelyn Lashey

Married December 20, 1946

Marion, Ohion

Merel and Evelyn well remember the moment they first saw each other. Merle was a basketball player, Evelyn a cheerleader for the rival school. Their eyes met, and needless to say, Merle played a great game that night!


Home maintenance requires a great deal of money, time and effort. A broken shingle must be replaced, a torn screen mended, a squeaky hinge oiled, a leaky tap fixed. Yet how pleasant is it to live in a house where the roof keeps out the rain, the windows keep out the bugs, the doors swing freely- and ne'er the sound of a dripping faucet is heard!

While "love maintenance" may not require as much money, it does take a lot of time and effort, and, of course, kindness. Make a careful inspection of your marriage. Observe the interactions within your home, and then compile a "to do" list (and a "not to do list"). Pay special attention to the little things, which make such a big difference in a relationship.

Do you become exasperated when asked to repeat something? Has sarcasm crept into your vocabulary? Are you harboring a "Do it yourself" attitude insead of a servant's heart? Must you always prove you're right? Do you often say, "I told you so"? Do you fix blame wvery time something goes wrong? Do you maximize your spouse's mistakes?

The Bible says (twice!), "A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping" (Proverbs 19:13). It's a warning husbands should heed as well. Get busy on those lists and discover how enjoyable and long-lasting a well maintained marriage can be.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted.

Ephesians 4:32 NKJV