Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Take the days one at a time. Soon fifty years will pass- but it won't seem like it.

Al and Evylyn Little
Married: March 3, 1946
Al and Evylyn Little are committed Chirstians. Al works as a chaplain for the Los Angeles County Jails. Evylyn loves spending time with little children.
A lifelong marriage is built day by day. It is made of days that seem momentous and days that seem mundane. Yet every one is important, every one indispensable. As you and your spouse live out each day to its fullest potential, sharing its joys and challenges, your days steadily join together like the masonry in a sturdy brick home, forming a relationship that is solid and secure. Such a relationship, built on the sure foundation of faith in God and commitment to each other no matter what the days may bring, will stand forever.
Take the days one at a time, but don't take them- or each other- for granted. Make most of each twenty-four hours. Don't allow the past to become an anchor; rather, forgive each other for yesterday's offenses. And don't let worry about the future rob even one day of its joy; instead, put tomorrow in God's hands. When times get tough, continue to love, support, and encourage one another day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and trust the Lord to see you through. Before you know it, you and your beloved will be celebrating your golden anniversary- and wondering where the time went!
Oh, satisfy us early with Your mercy,
That we may rejoice and be glad all our days!
Psalm 90:14 NKJV

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ok, so as a new parent, I can't judge or know the perfect way to parent at all!! BUT, I have to just vent today about a few things that have happened and there was no parental involvement and totally pissed me off.

Today I took Brendan to the play area at Stonebriar. For the second time now, another kid has come over and pushed Brendan out of the way to play with these wall toys when Brendan is playing with them. I understand kids will be kids, but come on. The first time this happened this little girl came up and pushed Brendan away and he just looked at her and then started to push back. I automatically tell him no pushing why don't we try and share. Well this girl won't share so Brendan starts to push again, so I just pick him up and tell him no pushing and we walk away. As we are walking away the girl's mother was all "he was there first" I just kept walking when I wanted to say, "Yes, I know he was so where were you when your kid was pushing mine out of the way and trying to teach her manners and how to share!!!" Well, today this happened again with a little boy. Brendan was playing with another wall toy and the kid just comes over and pushes him out of the way. I once again try and get them to share but this was a much bigger kid and he pushed again, so I apologized to Brendan that he wasn't playing nice and took him away once again. Seriously, where are the parents in this situation. I know that kids are kids and have to learn to share, but it's the parents that have to reinforce this! It just made me so mad. Come to find the mother is on the total opposite side of the play area talking and can't even see her child!

Also, the other day Brendan is playing with something and this kid came and took the toy away. The mom then said oh child, Brendan was playing with that but let the kid still run off with it and just said sorry to Brendan. Grates my nerves!! I know my son is not perfect in no way at all, but when he takes something from someone, it goes straight back to whoever had it first. Not oh sorry my kid just ran off with your toy. MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!

Ok, done venting. I feel better.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Never let a day go by without telling each other, "I love you."

Jack and Bernice Wein
Married: February 23, 1946
Jack and Bernice's sense of humor is legendary. "Bernice said if I bought one more car, I'd have to sleep in it," Jack says, grinning. "I told her a man should have more than one bedroom!" "Instead of arguing, let the man think he's the boss," Bernice says with a wink. "Eventually he'll come around to your way of thinking."
Every spouse has a deep need to feel cherished, valued, treasured. Daily reminders of love and affection will fill your hearts and lift your spirits, nurturing your relationship and causing it to thrive like a lush, well-tended, sunlit garden. And just as a beautiful flower garden harbors many colorful varieties of annuals and perennials, there are countless ways to express love.
A special favor, a helping hand with the chores. A card, a bouquet, a tasty treat. A touch, a hug, an impromptu slow dance. A listening ear, a real conversation. A shared memory, hearty laughter, a walk in the moonlight. A wink, a smile, a compliment. And don't forget to speak those three little words, "I love you!"
Words are powerful. They can build you up individually and strengthen you as a couple. They can encourage you and remind you of your lifelong commitment to each other, of the reasons why you chose to journey through this life together.
"I love you." Poets and songwriters of every age have searched for compelling words to communicate the depth of such emotion, but none has found better way than this simple, heartfelt phrase. It never wears out and it never goes out of style. Take a moment to hold hands, gaze into each other's eyes, and whisper it today.
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold
in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11 KJV

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turning One Is Fun!!

So my sweet Angel turned ONE on Thursday!! I can't believe how quickly the year went by and how much he has grown. He weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 19.75 inches. Today he is 25 lbs 4 oz and 32 1/2 inches tall!! Unbelievable!! Especially for someone who still refuses table food and sticks with jar food! As of today he will eat Puffs, Mum Mums, Cheerios, Tortillas with queso, Tortilla chips, Bean Soup and refried beans (just the mushy part, not the bean) and occasionally I can get him to try a Teddy Graham, string cheese and shredded chicken. I'm getting worried. One of my mommy friends suggested a food therapist. Our Dr. said to give it another 4-6 weeks and if we are still concerned then she'd refer us to a food therapist. I told my mom about this and she said we go to a yuppie doctor. I hate telling her anything!! Time are changing and things are way different from when she raised me. I'm sorry if I'm concerned that my one year old will not eat anything!!!! Anyways, back to his b-day.

When he woke up we sang Happy Birthday to him and then after he was all changed let him open some presents. Played downstairs and ate breakfast. Mommy made him some Banana Molasses Oatmeal. After he had eaten we took him upstairs for his birthday surprise, a new KITCHEN!! He loves it. Loves all the cabinets and things to open and close. After he played for a while we got him ready and took him to Pump It Up, Jr. for the first time. He was a little hesitant at first, but once mom and dad got in with him he loved it. He especially loved going down the big slide with mom and dad. After PIU, it was back home for a nap. After his nap mommy began to start lunch. He likes Mi Cocina refried beans so I decided I'd make some. Well, that didn't go over so well. Guess they weren't up to par with Mi Cocina and he gagged and threw them up on the first bite! So annoying!! After lunch we took him to Yumilicious for some birthday frozen yogurt!! We ran some errands and then ended the night a Mi Cocina for dinner. Hugo and the manager Francisco (Yes, we go there A LOT) arranged for some candle lit flan and sang Happy Birthday to him in Spanish!! It was amazing!! Most perfect day!

Saturday we had his birthday party at Gymboree. It was awesome! He had tons of friends come and celebrate with him. We didn't get to really talk to anyone because we were too busy trying to make sure B was having a good time and Miss Linda had him in the spot light a lot, which I didn't quite know how he'd handle, but he was perfect!! Great first birthday. Glad we went all out for his 1st, next year will most likely have at house since by then all his friends will be walking and can have games and bounce houses. Can't believe I'm already thinking about his next one!! After the party, family came over to open presents.

Sunday we did his smash cake. He didn't quite know what to do so we helped him. He only tried a crumb of cake though! That boy! Next year will be tons of cake eating!!

So that was it. A whole year has gone by! CRAZY!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where has the time Gone?

At 3:25 A.M., my sweet baby boy will be a "baby" no more!! I can't believe that just a year ago my sweet prince surprised us by coming a week early. He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 19.75 inches. It's been a whirlwind of emotions and learning experiences. I've cherished each and every coo, ooh and the occasional shriek, although not so much of the latter. Looking back at pictures seeing how much he's grown and lost a ton of baby fat and transformed into this beautiful creature is just amazing. He definitely has my stubbornness and Quinton's allergies, but he's still perfect to us. I love that through him I've met some super amazing women and babies that without him I would have never met. They are the rock to sanity and, of course, the ambassadors of fun! Feel so blessed!

Quinton is taking the day off so we can spend it as a family. Going to Pump It Up, Jr., maybe some frozen yogurt is in his future as well, and we'll finish it off with a family dinner.

Saturday we are celebrating with amazing friends and family. Can't wait!!

I'm the luckiest, most blessed person in the world!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let life's experiences draw you closer together

Herman & Mary Sue Davis

Married: October 5, 1943

Herman and Mary Sue sat next to each other in high school band. "I played the sax, she played the flute- and we shared a music stand!" says Herman. Today they share many things, such as working together to compile the family genealogy.
When shaping a vessel, potters exert equal pressure with their hands on both the outside and the inside of the clay to prevent it from collaapsing. After the clay dries, it is glazed and then placed in a fiery kiln. The intense heat perfects the clay by removing blemishes, strenthening it, and enhancing the paint olors. The once wet piece of clay is finally transformed into a beautiful anduseful peice of pottery.
Marriage can be viewed as a similar work in progress. Like the clay, you and your spouse will constantly face various pressures from life- job changes, financial stress, parenting responsibilities, and the list goes on. To prevent your marriage from collapsing, you must respond to any external pressure with the internal pressure of a powerful relationship with the living God.
Just as clay is fired in a kiln, so will your marriage go through periods of intense heat. But remember that your heavenly Father is using these times to remove imperfections in your relationship and make it stronger and more beautiful. Face the difficult times together, and let the Lord mold and perfect your marriage, lifting you to higher levels of intimacy with each other and with Him.
O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay,
you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.
Isaiah 64:8

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grrr and Weekend Wrap Up

So I will start this off with negative to hopefully end on positive. I just don't know what to do about Quinton's sister. Well, there is nothing for me to do, it's for her father to decide. She's just a complete mess. I will not go into all detail, as many know what she's gone through. Well, last semester she was going to Austin Community College and from what I heard (but it was from her, so who knows if it's true or not) she did well. Come this semester her dad realized that there was no tuition or books charged on her credit card and for some reason she was making purchases in Plano and Richardson a lot. Randall's birthday was on September 22 and we went over to his house to cook out and hang. He called her to invite her, but she said she couldn't because she had school on Saturday. BIG FAT LIAR!! Turns out she is living in Richardson with some guy and didn't bother to tell anyone. So here's Randall still paying for an apartment down in Austin and all this crap all over again. He supposedly laid into her, but I swear nothing gets through to her. She has begged for years and years to please let her move to San Diego or Austin to start over and her was her chance and she just completely blew it! I had sent her a text message the other week before we found out about her living here now, asking for her address so I could send her an invitation to Brendan's birthday party and she sent me some random one in Austin which of course came back Saturday in the mail. So know Quinton doesn't want her there, which I know he would never have the nerve to tell her, but like she would show up anyways. We are all supposed to be going down to Horseshoe Bay for Quinton's cousin's wedding vow renewal this weekend, we'll see if she shows up. There are so many things I would just like to say to her, but I know it's not my place so I won't. It's just time to completely cut her off!! It's sad that I think the only reason why she isn't now is because Randall fears she won't ever come around again, because he was telling me the other day at lunch she only calls when she wants something. SO SAD!!!!

Okay, so this weekend. Friday we went to our usual Mi Cocina. There was a cute little girl who was a week older than Brendan at the table behind us that he just couldn't stop looking. Such a flirt. Afterwards we had brought a blanket and went and listened to the live band playing and let Brendan play around. Saturday we went Halloween costume shopping for Brendan and it came down to Baby Yoda and Vampire Baby. I'll give you a hint on which we chose, "May the force be with you." LOL. Later we dropped Brendan off at my parents so we could go to our friends Loni and Josh's couples shower. It was so much fun. Lots of laughs and fun games, and of course cute little baby items!!! This morning we slept in until 8:30!!!! Never knew how great 8:30 was!! We did some things around the house and Q packed for his trip and then we went to pick up B from my parents. He was napping when we got there so we ate some breakfast and chatted with my parents and then I went to check on him and LOVE when I get to watch him wake up. He had just rolled over and was starting to wake up, one little eye peaked opened and I smiled and then two big little eyes opened and a BIG SMILE!! Melts my heart! After we got home we just hung out, watched the Rangers and then B went down for his last nap and Q left right after he fell asleep. Already miss him!!! Thursday night can't come soon enough!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Do everything you can to express your love

Lennie & Victoria Shane
Married January 29, 1938
A man of few words, Lennie's silence is beautifully balanced by his wife Victoria's shining sense of humor.
True love- everyone's searching for it. Singers sing about it. Poets write about it. Novelists weave stories about it. Artists immortalize it in a drawing, a painting, a sculpture. Filmmakers portray it in images larger than life.
But how do you know if you have it?
There are many ways for you and your spouse to express your love, many ways to show each other how deeply you care. You can say it with words, candy and flowers, with diamonds and gold. All these ways are wonderful, all should be used, but none proves your hearts to be true. Not one guarantees the veracity of your love.
The only way to know if you have true love is to see whether it stands the test of time. Has it endured hardship, boredom, and pain? Has it weathered life's busyness? Has it withstood the pressures of job, family, and home, the stresses of midlife and old age? Time alone will tell.
If you're just embarking on the marriage path, you'll know the level of your commitment to each other by the way you live out your lives together day by day, expressing your love in every possible way through respecting each other, encouraging each other, and serving each other minute by minute, hour by hour.
You determint whether the love you have is true over time. But you being now.
Let's not just talk about love; let's practice real love.
This is the only way we'll know we're living truly, living in God's reality.
1 John 3:18-19 msg

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Never get too old to hold hands

Arnold & Hazel Morelan
Married February 17, 1920
Arnold and Hazel were high school sweethearts. Known for their busy, loving hands, they "retired" by opening up a gift shop where Arnold cast concrete yard ornaments and Hazel stitched handmade quilts and dolls.
It starts with a tiny fist wrapped around a mother's finger. It continues with a young hand held gently in one much larger. It endures through puppy love, adolescent relationships, and courtship. And if we are wise, it extends into marriage, through middle age, beyond the golden years, to the very end of life.
Holding hands is one of the most intimate expressions of love between two human beings.
Don't ever let this beautiful act slip away from you. It's so much more than a gesture of affection, so much greater than a mere symbol of connection. It's an incredibly meaningful communication, a deep connection in and of itself. It requires no words; in fact, no words can convey such a profound message.
Why would two people ever stop holding hands? Perhaps it seems silly, somehow undignified, when we're older and have been married a long time. We may begin to think such things were meant only for young lovers and newlyweds. That's far from true! Besides its many other purposes, holding hands helps satisfy the basic human need for physical touch, a need we never outgrow.
Hold your spouse's hand throughout your life together; don't ever let it go until the day when you've fulfilled every marriage vow and finally release it from your grasp, placing it lovingly, trustingly, into the hand of God.
I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.
You guide me with your counsel,
and afterward you will take me into glory.
Psalm 73:23-24

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Let's see, Friday seems so long ago now that it's Monday, lol. Friday we just stayed home. I cooked some dinner and we played with Brendan. Saturday we had Brendan's friend, Blake's first birthday party to go to. I can't believe our babies are turning one! Get teary eyed just thinking of it. Had a lot of fun celebrating Blakes birthday and playing with friends. Afterwards we ran a couple errands picking up a few Halloween decorations and then it was off to home so B could take a nap. While he napped Q and I decorated the house (I handled the inside, while Q handled the outside) for Halloween. Looks awesome! After Brendan woke up we went to Mi Cocinia for dinner (surprise, surprise). Brendan will now eat beans soup and tortillas with queso on them. It's better than nothing right! Sunday we skipped church to be lazy bums. Went to my parents for lunch, where my dad had made mashed potatoes that he just knew Brendan would eat. It barely touched his lips before he started gagging!! We'll ate least my parents have seen first hand how dramatic he is about solid food. I just really wish he'd get there. The boy needs cake on his birthday and he's getting a super cute one!! After my parents we came home and took a family nap, well, B slept in his crib because now when I try to nap with him he just wants to play, so he's gotten to the point where he "needs" his crib to sleep. Miss snuggling up and taking naps :(. After he woke up we went to the Owen's Spring Creek Farm. Our mommy group went on Friday, but we couldn't go because of nap time. Was so sad to not be able to go with our friends, but I know Quinton appreciated getting to go with him. Brendan picked out a fabulous pumpkin, as you can see! Hope you all had a great weekend, we sure did!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Have fun just being together

Arthur & Mabel Johnson
Married October 22, 1920
Arthur and Mabel met when he came to pick up his brother's engagement ring, which she was returning! "Six months later we were married," Mabel says, laughing. During their seventy-three years of marriage, they took lots of little day trips and numerous vacations.
A good, lasting marriage requires effort- but it takes fun too! King Solomon said, "I commend the enjoyment of life (Ecclesiastes 8:15). Have a good time with your spouse. Enjoy other's company. It doesn't take a lot of money to have fun if you think of creative ways to be lighthearted and playful together.
When was the last time you flew a kite? Grab a couple of inexpensive ones and head for the beach, where there always seems to be a steady breeze. Kick off your shoes and walk together along the shoreline until you find a good spot, then let the wind take your kites as high as they can go, while you and your spouse sit on the sand, relax, and watch them soar. Before you know it, the sun will be seting over the water, putting on a free light show to add to the fun.
As you reel in your kites, admiring the colors on the horizon, take a moment to reflect on the One who provides you with so many blessings. After all, who made the sand on the beach? Who created the air and the wind? Who made the water, sky, the glorious sunset? Most of all, who fashioned and breathed to life the wonderful person with whom you delight to share it all?
Go ahead- have some fun.
God....gives us richly all things to enjoy
1 Timothy 6:17 NKJV
While I'm all about having fun, this one is hard to relate to with no beach nearby, but I get the point. Just wish one was just a hop skip and a jump away.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

You only get out of marriage what you put into it.

Eldon & Ginny Phillips
Married: October 30, 1946
Eldon and Ginny went to high school together. His first move: he stole her shoes during a play rehearsal! "It took him eight years to convince me to marry him," laughs Ginny.

A young entrepreneur starts with an idea for a unique, new product. He carefully lays plans for a start-up business, calculating revenues and expenses. He meets with consultants, accountants, and attorneys. He works hard to sell the concept to banks and investors to raise capital. In time he leases space, purchases equipment, and hires employees. Finally he is ready to begin. He works hard, pouring himself into the business, determined to make it succeed. And it thrives.

But does he now merely sit back, relax and enjoy the fruit of his labor? No! He works harder than ever, while conjuring up ideas for improving efficiency, bettering customer relations, bolstering profits.

If a marriage is to last a lifetime, it requires the same level of devotion and energy. Both partners must give 100 percent. Each must be available to the other when needed, fully present, ready to listen, to talk, to act. Both spouses must pur their heart and soul into this enterprise, making whatever sacrifice necessary to ensure success.

Yet what an investment! The payoff is rich, healthy, loving relationship that lasts. And everyone involved reaps countless rewards.

Sound good? Devote time and energy to your marriage.

Whoever sows generously will also reap generously.
2 Corinthians 9:6

We did it!!

Well, we did it. Brendan and I survived 4 days, 3 nights without dad. It surprisenly wasn't as hard as I feared it was going to be. I think we just bonded even more, which was so great! We stayed busy and had lots of fun. So happy the weather is cooler now, although it makes Brendan sad because some days its too cold for me to fill his water table up. He is such a water baby! Saturday we went to Randall's (Quinton's dad) house and he saw the pool and just flipped out and kept trying to get to it until finally Q got in the water with him. It had been raining all day so we didn't think it would stop and even if it did that the water would be warm enough so I didn't bring swimming gear, but luckily I had a swim diaper so put him in it and Q got in in just his boxers!! Oh that kid is spoiled!

Met with the baker yesterday and designed his cake, it's going to be so incredibily awesome!! Got the invites out this morning too, so those should start hitting some people tomorrow. I can't believe my little man is turning one! Get a little teary eyed just thinking of how fast time flys. And with that I'm going to start sharing (hopefully, daily) some readings from this book I got when Q and I got married. "It's called Married for Life: Inspirations from those married 50 years or more." I think since having Brendan my focus is more on him than on our marriage and feel it's the same for Q. It's something we've talked about and know we need lunches, nights some little time away for ourselves. So I started reading this book and it's very inspirational. Will put in the following post. Hope you enjoy the readings as much as I have.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Work Out Dilemma

So I need to get back to working out. I've done it EXTREMELY sporadically for a while now. I'm so mad at myself because I was on the fast track to losing weight right after Brendan was born, but then let it all go. Now my poor dear husband has to listen to me cry, complain every day about not liking the way I am. I know what I have to do, it's just finding the time. I've thought about it long and hard and the only time for me to do it is 5:30 in the morning, but it's so hard for me to get up that early to go run. I hate running in the dark and with daylight savings time around the corner, it's not going to be getting any lighter outside! I could go after Quinton gets home from work, but that's the only time we have to spend as a family on the week days. He comes home I make dinner and we play with Brendan. I could go once Brendan goes down, but then that's the only time Q and I have for ourselves to talk and just relax. Plus, I just think down the line Brendan is going to be involved in activities that are going to be after school or in the evenings and need prepare myself for that so it's best if I just start now getting up and going at 5:30. I don't believe in gym memberships anymore. I've had them numerous times but never get my money's worth because I hate running on a treadmill or elliptical, I get bored. I'll do the classes, but usually the classes I want to do are at odd times. I like to run outside and get the fresh air and see the nature. Of course, now that I've come to this decision, I will have to put it off for another week because my husband is leaving to go out of town Sunday-Wednesday. I don't have to put it off the whole week, but just bummed that I won't have those days to at least attempted to get my butt out of bed. Speaking of him going out of town, PRAY for us!! Us being me and Brendan. This is the longest we will have gone without dad. And next month he will be gone for FIVE days!!!

So I'm hopeful to stay encouraged and motivated and am completely freaked out and nervous about being a "single parent"!!

Now that I'm done complaining...thanks for listening ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Wow, it's been a really long time since I've updated my blog, so I thought I'd try today. Well, my baby is growing up so fast! He's almost 10 1/2 months and as of today he can take 8 (EIGHT!!) steps on his own. He will have this down in no time. He's got 8 (EIGHT!!) teeth, but the little booger still won't eat big people food. Still just level 2 jar food, oh and yogurt, that's his absolute favorite. When all else fails, get out the yogurt.

I worry that he doesn't eat any foods yet. He'll eat Puffs and Mum Mums just fine, but anything else his gag reflux kicks in and he throws up. He just can't refuse it or simply spit it out, he has to gag until he throws up. So annoying. Our doctor says it's fine and that it may take him until after a year before he likes food, so we'll see.

Whoops, sorry to keep short, but the little one just woke up. Until the next free minute....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

So Friday we went to Baby Bounce at North Park with our fabulous Gym Mommies Group. Brendan took an extra long nap that morning so we had to miss out on the lunch portion of it. I wish Baby Bounce would learn how to turn on the A/C, it is so hot in there!! I forgot to set out meat, so Q picked up dinner on the way home from work. After B went to sleep we caught up on our shows and then went to bed.

Saturday we ran errands together as a family. Kind of hard when Q doesn't know my usually routine and I have to keep say, "come on, keep up!" lol. So the errands took a little longer than they usually would and B let us know that he was sick of shopping the last 10 minutes of it. But the last 10 minutes were for him! We got him a new big boy convertible car seat. He was looking a bit squinched in his carrier and his feet were touching the back of the car seat so it was time. We took B to Gymboree he got a little fussy towards the end. I think because there were only 2 other babies there. He didn't have the entertainment of his friends. Since we got his new car seat, there is no more letting him fall asleep in the car and keeping him in the carrier for dinner :( so, we had to play the odds on his temperment for our usually trip to Mi Cocina on Saturday. He started off okay and did good while we were eating playing in his Bumbo while we ate with some table toys. I don't think Q and I have ever eaten so fast. As soon as I finished I picked him up and he was so ready to go. So we had to skip the flan and hit the road. A little stressful, but all in all a successful dinner. After B went to bed we played some Mario Wii and went to bed.

Sunday we work up and I made B's breakfast as usual and he didn't want to eat. I thought it was because I put a little too much cinnamon in his breakfast so I just tried giving him some plan pears. Didn't want that either. So took him out and tried to give him a bottle....one ounce was all he took!! It was time to leave for church and I was super nervous because this was going to be B's first time in the church nursery. We go and bring him in and he goes straight to one of the ladies in there (which totally surprised me) and then when we were leaving him I went to give him a kiss and he turned his head away into her arm and wouldn't let me kiss him. I was so heartbroken!! Started tearing up, but I guess it's best that he be happy than throw a fit. It was just hard. After service we went to get him and they said he did great. Oh and he nicely taught two others to shriek...that's my boy!! After church we went to my parents for lunch where he didn't want to eat his lunch at all and barely took his bottle. I was getting very frustrated and concerned. At dinner he finally got his appetite back and ate 4 ounces of food and then took a 8 ounce bottle of rice cereal. That's our weekend.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Let's see here. Friday night we just grilled some hamburgers and stayed in. Brendan was down by 7:30 so we just caught up on shows that were tivoed. Then I decided I wasn't tired and we played Wii Super Mario Brothers way to late! I say way to late, but it was probably until 11:30, which before baby was no problem. Brendan woke up around 4AM so got up and gave him a bottle and he went back down. From then until he woke up at 7 I was in such a deep sleep and so didn't want to get up!

Saturday I wasn't feeling very well so Q let me sleep an extra hour and then woke me up when it was time to give Brendan his oatmeal. I still wasn't feeling well so I went back to sleep after that for another hour. After that I got up showered and we took Brendan to Gymboree. He moved up to Level 2 so this was a new thing for him. He had such a good time. It is such a big difference from Level 1 and there were a few babies crawling so I'm hoping that motivates him to want to get moving. He did so great. Afterwards I ran to Super Target to pick up a few things and get some organic carrots to puree for Brendan. That's his new veggie this week. At 5:30 Jeff and Taylor met us up at Mi Cocina for dinner. The past two times we've been to Mi Cocina Brendan has stayed away the whole time. This time he slept the whole time! And since we were with friends it was a longer dinner. It seemed so nice to have dinner with friends and not have to worry about hurrying up and getting out of there, BUT it actually was not a good thing. It was basically a 2 and a half hour nap for him, so usually we'd get home put him in the bath and give him a bottle to go down for the night. That was so not going to happen. We finally got him down at 10. He woke up around 2 and then for some reason he woke up at 6:55AM and was up. We totally messed up his sleeping schedule. It has taken us all day to get him readjusted. Note to self, we cannot do that again!

Since he got up so early we thought about going to the 8:15 A.M. church service. We changed our mind since B would need to be eating breakfast at 7:55 and then we'd want to stick around for him to get adjusted in the nursery so we decided there wasn't anytime. So then there's the 9:30 service, which we usually go to or Sunday School, but Brendan feel asleep at 9:18 and didn't wake up until 10:45 (which is crazy for him because he usually only sleeps 30-45 minutes for his morning nap). So we didn't make it to church today. Today was going to be the first day we were going to use the nursery, maybe B knew that and found was to stall it from happening!

We tried carrots for the first time today. He had about an ounce. He wasn't too sure about them. For dinner, oh my goodness, he was an absolute turkey. First we tried beef in gravy and he just gagged and spit it up. So I tried to make it thinner for him. Nope wasn't having it. So I decided to switch and brought out sweet pea and turkey with wild rice. Nope didn't want that either. It was VERY FRUSTRATING to say the least. I probably should have just stopped when he wouldn't eat the beef. I don't know if he just didn't eat the other because he was frustrated too. Guess we'll find out tomorrow when I try the sweet pea dish one last time. Wish us luck! So far the only meat dish he seems to like is sweet potatoes and chicken.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meat...it's what's for dinner

So Dr. Kim told us yesterday to up our solid food intake and to start introducing meats. I already needed to get formula after the appointment so I picked up some "meats". Brendan had Chicken and Sweet Potatoes. I got it because he'd already had sweet taters. I'm an idiot and didn't even think too read the back to check the ingrediants, I just took the front label for what it said. Well, Brendan loved it! He ate half the jar. I decided to stop there so he didn't overeat. It wasn't until after he ate it that we say that apriocots were in it!! We haven't tried those and of course I just freaked out. Anything on him I kept asking Quinton "was that there already, he's not breaking out and having an allergic reaction is he?". I felt comforted by the fact that apriocots are considered one of the "least allergic" foods, but am so mad at myself for not checking the back. Will remember to do that from now on. I think he's fine and we went ahead and gave him the last half of the jar tonight.

Last night he was asleep in his bed by 7:45 P.M. He didn't wake up until 2:15 A.M.!! That's a major step since he's been usually waking up around midnight and then close to every 2 hours after that. I don't know if it were the shots or his new hearty meal that did it, but I'm so hoping it was the meal!! He did wake up at 5 A.M., but I listened to Dr. Kim and just turned the monitor sound off (she said turn the monitor off, but there's no way I'm ready for that!!) and he went back down himself without really a fight. Oh I so hope that's the case tonight and that he is turning over a new leaf. We'll see!

On another note, Brendan has started shrieking all of the time. He used to just do it every once and a while like when we were changing his diaper or taking too long in his eyes to do something. Well now he does it all the time for no reason at all. It's so annoying!! Don't know how to break him of it. Every darn book will say just to ignore it by doing anything draws attention to it and he notices that he gets a reaction. Well, wouldn't spanking him after each time teach him that he gets a negative reaction that he doesn't want!! LOL I wouldn't do it, but by the end of the day I just need to take a few aspirins!! Oh I hope he stops this soon. But if I had to choose between sleeping through the night and shrieking...or bring on the shriek!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 Months

Holy smokes my son is 6 months!! He is getting so big. He was 19 lbs 14.6 oz and 28 inches long. I can't believe how much he's grown. I think I noticed it the most the other night I took a bath with him and he had some toys on the ledge. I turned him and had him sitting in my lap and he was just playing with the toys and scooting them into the water. Looking at him all naked and from the back, sitting up all straight I felt so sad, but yet so excited and happy at the same time. He is just perfect.

Well, perfect until it comes to sleep. We had a talk with the doctor today and she asked about how he was sleeping and when we told her how he's been waking up anywhere from 2-4 times a night she suggested that we turn the monitor off, set the alarm for 3 o 4 AM to check on him and let him cry it out. Says he can go at least 8 hours without eating at this point and is just getting used to setting his enternal clock now getting up all these times. I have never been a fan of the cry out method, but here lately I've been giving it a shot. I haven't let him go more than 10 minutes, but in all but one of the times he's fallen back asleep on his own. It's so hard for me to "grow a backbone" on my child, but if that's what it takes to get him into a normal sleeping pattern then I guess that's what I'll have to do. Of course he didn't eat all of his bottle tonight so I've already told Quinton that tonight when he wakes up the first time I'm going to feed him since he didn't eat all his bottle after that I'll leave him be. He agreed. Already making excuses. Oh lordy!! I just hate hearing him cry.

Oh and we talked to her about teething and she took a look in his mouth and was all, "sorry it just really doesn't look like they are anywhere close". Seriously?! I feel like he's been teething since 3 months. I guess this is just his temperment and he has his "time of the month" like mom?! LOL
We got him this fabulous little Black GT Walker for his half birthday, but he hasn't quite figured it out yet. He only will use one leg and just goes in circles!! LOL. And he'll press the buttons and they play music and light up so he'll look down and the honk the horn with his mouth!! He cracks me up!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet the Daddies Playdate!

I'ts been forever since I've posted, but today was a great day. We hosted over all the teriffic mommies and their daddies today at our house. Everyone was just fabulous. I always come home from playdates and tell Q all about them and I'm so glad that he finally go to meet everyone and see who and the heck I'm talking about. I don't know how it was that I was so blessed to find such a wonderful group of women to share my first born's life with, but I honestly don't think I will ever meet such a strong, independent, loving caring, hilarious. laid back such of women as I did!! I am so blessed!! It is my hope that Brendan stays friends with them forever!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seperation Issues

So Quinton decided to join a softball league. The first game is tonight. At first when he told me the games are Thursdays at 7,8 and 9. I was thinking it would be best for the 7 o'clock games. But today the game is a 9 and it actually couldn't have worked out better. He was here for dinner and to play with Brendan and help get him in the bath and put him down for the night. Now I curse the 7 and 8 o'clock games when they come.

I envy that he can get out. Not that I can't I know if I wanted to go somewhere Q would definitely not care at all, but I hate leaving Brendan. It's like I want to get away for a few hours, but then when I am away I'm rushing through everything to hurry up and get back to him. I don't know why. He's not going anywhere and will be here for the rest of my life so what's the deal? I need to shake it. I'm going to try this Saturday and run errands, maybe get a massage and let Q take Brendan to Gymboree alone and just have a day to myself. Sounds so nice in theory. But when I'm alone I miss them both so much. AHHH, stop the madness!! I'm such a baby!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Day Without Dad

Well, after a long eventful day I put one tired little boy down around 8:20 and mom got herself a nice large glass of wine. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be (knock on wood we still have the night to get through). We went and met two other mommies and their sons at the Arboretum this morning and it was such a glorious day. At first I thought it was going to be a little too chilly, but it turned out great. The only problem was that it was WAY CROWDED! We forgot about spring break. I got lucky and was able to actually park at the arboretum, but poor Carey and Cheryl had to park at White Rock Lake and walk. Craziness. So Brendan and I spent 30 minutes on our own for a while and he is so funny with flowers. He looks all wide eyed and reaches oh so delicately to touch and then squish, pull, and yank as many petals off as he can get in his hand! It was so funny. I wish I could have taken pictures of that. I'm definitely going to have to bring Q so we can take some good pics. We walked around, checked out the petting zoo, but we didn't go in, just looked at them. Then we put our blankets down fed them and let them play. It was so nice!

Later we went over the Mimi and Pappaw's where Brendan was in such a good mood talking up a storm. The hour getting to bath time seem to last an eternity! But, when it did he was so good and didn't scream after getting out while I put lotion and dressed him (something he always does for dad!! hee hee). He had his bottle and then was out. Hopefully he sleeps a really long time after the busy day he had. He's been getting up 2-3 times a night here lately so I'm hoping he's easy on poor ole mom tonight. If not, I'm going to be a little zombie I think!! Cross your fingers for us!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Bananas are by far Brendan's favorite food. He ate two tablespoons! I also tried giving him some oatmeal this morning. He wasn't too keen on it. So now that I know how much he likes nanners I'm going to try and put some in his oatmeal in the morning to see if he will eat it that way. YUMMY!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Damn it there is already a kink in our family filled weekend. Friday is Brighton's birthday, but she lives in Austin now. Quinton had called her last week to see if she was going to come in town so we could figure out if we needed to plan anything. She didn't have any plans on coming in, but said she'd let us know. Well, today Randall was all "Brighton's coming in town for her birthday and I want to throw a party of something. I want to go to Dave and Busters around 7 on Friday". Seriously?! First of all, it's Wednesday and you are wanting us to get a babysitter in two days notice? Which would be my parents, but still. Plus, I had turned down movie plans with my sister because we were doing family stuff since Q was going out of town. GRRR. I know my parents would babysit, but I don't want to go at all. So Q will go and me and B will do a trial run of dad being out of town I suppose. So annoyed!! Especially because Randall and Quinton work right next to Dave and Busters, walking distance and he wants to do it a 7?!? Why not do it early like 5:30 or 6 that away Quinton doesn't have to drive all the way home to drive all the way right back to where he was. I know it's not his birthday or anything, but if you want people to drop whatever they are doing to be there you would compromise, right? Brighton and Austin don't have anything to do and can be there whenever. I know I sound anal or something, but I'm a planner and need things put down and planned ahead or time. At least a week or so, not two days! SO ANNOYED!!!

Flying Solo for the First Time

So Quinton is going to San Diego on Monday and this will be my first time "flying solo" a full 24 hours with Brendan. I'm so lucky that on my first go round it's only for two days, one night. His flight leaves Monday around 9:30 A.M. so Brendan will get to say goodbye to dad, but then after that he won't see him until Wednesday. Q doesn't land until late Tuesday so Brendan should be fast asleep in dream land by the time he gets home. So nervous. I know that's not a long amount of time, but it's just so stressful thinking there will be no one to give me a little break if I need it. It's just me and B (well, and Hank and Cleo too). So we are making a family weekend of it. Just us three, I hope the weather stays nice. I know Brendan is going to miss his daddy. Q can make him giggle so loud! I think by the end of the day Brendan must grow a little tired of me. lol Keep us in your thoughts Monday-late Tuesday!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Taters vs Butternut Squash

So we started off with sweet potatoes for Brendan's first tasty solid (not counting rice cereal as tasty). He was a little unsure of the texture, but sort of got the hang of it by Saturday. On Saturdays is when we introduce something new and this Saturday it was butternut squash. He loved it!! I was so surprised. I thought for sure he would like sweet taters more, but he gobbled up the butternut squash. Yesterday he at everything that was in his bowl. Granted I'm only giving him a little over a tablespoon, but they say at first they won't eat more than a teaspoon and he's finishing a tablespoon! Such a big boy!! This Saturday, bananas! I really hope he likes them. If so I will start adding them to his rice cereal. He doesn't care to eat rice cereal out of a bowl. He like it much more in his bottle than anything else. Hoping if he likes bananas I can mash them in there and he'd like that more at breakfast time. I'll let you know what he thinks ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Starting Solids

So at our 4 month check up our wonderful pediatrician Dr. Kim (her name is Kim Smith and we call her Dr. Kim) told us we could start introducing solids now. Of course we've been on rice cereal at night for a while now, but anywho. So I quickly got excited and ran out and bought the Babycook Beaba so I could make Brendan's food. I figure if I cook for me and Q and I can cook for my baby. We decided to start with sweet potatoes. B is a little unsure of this new texture in his mouth, but each day he keeps getting better and better. It was now at all how I thought it would be. I thought he would automatically love it and gobble the whole thing up. Nope, not him. So was a little disappointed, but apparently they are only supposed to eat a teaspoon, so I'm sure the ate that much.
They say to keep with somethine 4-7 days to test for allergies. So far so good. So on Saturday we will be trying (drum roll please...) butternut squash. I'm really wanting to do bananas, but they say to always start with veggies so they don't get used to the sweet stuff. So we are moving to the butternut squash and then next week will be bananas. I'm so looking forward to this next stage of his life. I'm kind of nervous now on knowing if he's eating enough, but I'm sure he'll let me know. As you can see, and if you've held him know, eating has never been a problem for us ;).
So wish us luck on our new food venture!

About me

I'm 29 years old. Can't believe that I will be turning 30 this year. Everyone talks about wanting a big bash for their 30th, I think I'd much rather be laying on a beach somewhere or taking in a spa day at a nice resort and a nice dinner. To bad my birthday is in November and it's cold everywhere in the states except for Hawaii, and I don't think we can afford that nor do we want to take Brendan so young.

I'm a very sensitive person. I get my feelings hurt very easily and take things too personal. I'm very stubborn and do not forgive people very easily. I'm a very "half glass empty" type of person. I just don't like to get my hopes up and then be devestated. On a positive side, I'm very outgoing now that I'm older and would do anything for my family and friends. I may not call a lot, but I love my friends more than ever, I just don't care to talk on the phone. Technology is great: email, facebook and now this blog.

Before I became a stay-at-home mom I worked for a state representative as a legislative aide. I got to travel down to Austin during sessions which was very interesting. I got pregnant at a perfect time because I was pretty burnt out. Before I got pregnant I was trying to get into a teaching certification program. There were many hoops I had to jump through. I was passing everything with flying colors, but then on my fifth and final hoop I failed my content test by 7 points. 7 points!! I had done everything else perfectly and this they wouldn't let me in. I was devestated. I often wonder about trying again, but I just don't want to set myself up for failure again because that was so terrible and humiliating for me. Maybe one day I'll try again. I hate that I think that way. We have this one life and should be living it to the fullest, yet I'll let failure hold me back or the fear of failure hold me back. I love the quote from the late Randy Pausch who said "Experience is what we get when we don't get want we want, and sometimes, experience is the best thing". Wish I could be so positive. If you haven't read "The Last Lecture" I strongly suggest you do.

I'm loving being a stay-at-home mom. My life now is a calendar of activities for Brendan. Seriously, I bought a big dry-erase calendar to put on the fridge that is pretty much to keep up with all of Brendan's activities, and he's only 4 months!! I hope I turn out to be the best mom in his eyes. As some of my friends know, there are parts of my family that is very soap opera-ish (you know who/what I'm talking about). I don't want that for my son. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful parents and I only hope I can be half the parent they were to me.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello out there!

I've decided to take the plunge and start a blog. Mostly because I get a lot on my mind and this will be a great little reliever for me (and my husband). I'm a happily married mother of one. I married my high school sweetheart and we've been married now 4 years. We had our first child together on October 21, 2009. An adorable little boy that we named Brendan Xavier. He is the light of my life. My social calendar went from dinners, lunches movies with friends to playdates and Gymboree. I love it though. I am a stay at home mom now. At first I didn't know if I would be able to handle it. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but guess I didn't really realize how hard it all was. But now I've gotten it down (as well as a 4 month will let you get a routine) and am lovin life. Will keep this first post short for now and will venture some more into my world later.