Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fantastic weekend. After being gone four days, Q was able to take Friday off and hang with me and B. We first had to make a short stop at his office on Friday to pick up the SMU tickets he forgot to get the following Friday before he went out of town. Which was okay because B got to see and hang with his Pop Pop for a little bit. After we left there we headed to Grapevine Mills Mall to take B to LegoLand. It was a really neat place. The only down side is the COST! B was free, but it was close to $40 for me and Q to get in. So ridiculous. We got to ride a cool ride as a family and then later Q took B on the other one. There was only one area B wasn't allowed in. His favorite spot, surprisenly was the MiniWorld. It was displays of Legos that looked like things around the DFW Metroplex. You could press buttons every now and then and make something move, but other than that it was just to look at. It had day and night time lights. It was just really neat. Brendan's favorite display was the DFW Airport display, which he's just now showing an interest in planes. It was cute. After LegoLand we got some quick lunch and then off to home for nap. We later took B to Mi Cocina to get his queso and tortilla fix.

Saturday we ran some errands. We actually went to Toys R Us so we could get B's birthday gifts, figured the boys would play as mama shopped. But, my child is weird and other than playing in the big cars and wagons, he just wanted to play with the automatic door. I don't know, he's weird. After we that we went home to eat lunch and try to get B down for an early nap since the SMU game started at 2:30. Of course he fought nap. His teachers at school can get him down, in fact say he's usually the first one to fall asleep, around 11:45, but we couldn't even get him down around 12:30! Stinker. So we didn't end up leaving the house until around 2:30 and got to the game just after 3. There were some older girls there with their aunt and they loved him and he loved them. They played and kept him occupied almost the entire time. We actually got to stay until the end of the game! After the game was over we picked up a pizza and then watched the Ranger game.

Sunday we went to church and his usual teacher was out so he got to spend time back in the nursery with Miss Penny and Miss Stephanie, who he absolutely loves! He misses them so much. Afterwards we went to my parents for lunch and then back home and played with our neighbors.

Just an overall perfect weekend. I also got some really good news. Something I've been waiting a long time for and while I wished it had happened sooner, I just have to be thankful my prayers have been answered now and everything happens for a reason. Hoping great things coming out of this real soon. We'll see. Until next time......

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